April 12, 2016

Charlie Girl | What's She Up To?

So I am being honest and stopped blogging for a few reasons. One was because all I was doing was just monthly updates on Charlie. Fun for me to go back and read but boring as hell for everyone else out there.  Plus, Joe really didn't want our daughter plastered all over the inter web.

Now that I'm back, I will still share some Charlie stuff, but it by no means will take over the blog.  But since it's been a hot minute, let's get caught up with this wild one.

* Charlie turned 1 at the end of December. We had a family party back in Ohio over Christmas. I spent way too much money on a birthday cake and we had all of our family over for her big day. It was a Winter ONEderland theme. Get it?

Home girl loved her first taste of cake. I mean, I'd be worried is she didn't.

* Charlie started walking around 13 months and after a few weeks of being cautious, she is full blown running around now! It's scary and awesome at the same time!  She's really gotten comfortable on all surfaces.

*Chatty Charie has been babbling up a storm and just recently has started saying more and more actual words.  Right now she says: Go, There You Go or Thank You (not sure which she's trying to say), Shoe, Sock, baby, more, Hi, bye, Pop (My Dad), Ball, No, Belly, Nose.   Joe and I call each other "babe" and so she calls the dogs and all of her stuffed animals "bae".   So cute.

She loves singing and her favorites for you to do are Head Shoulders, 5 Little Monkeys and Itsy Bitsy. She evens tries to say Itsy and does the spider with her fingers. Kill me with cuteness.  She also loves clapping, waving and memorizing parts in books.

*She's a long and lean chick still and at her 15 month appointment she was 33 1/4 " tall (off the charts for her age) and only 22.5 pounds.  She wears 2T tops and dresses and 18-24 month pants. height makes almost everything on the counters and tables fair game.  One morning before work I had to call Poison Control as Charlie had managed to grab Joe's deodorant from the bathroom counter, pull off the top and take a huge bite! In a matter of seconds!  Thankfully, it's not toxic and she just had some pleasant smelling poops for that day.

*Charlie's personality is really starting to come through.  She has become a little more cuddly (a little) since she's started walking. I think she's so much happier being completely mobile.  She is strong willed; can play by herself but yet want the attention of all in the room; loves to interact with people and really responds to those who are happy and smiling.  She is determined, fearless and inquisitive.  She is very smart (don't all Moms say that?) and can easily figure out how to put things together or pull them apart.

This time in her life is just the most fun. It also has it's challenges.  Starting to discipline and teach right from wrong.  Watching her learn and say things she is discovering is amazing. Realizing how much she really knows even though she might not be able to verbalize it yet is crazy.

April 7, 2016


Check, check, is this thing on?!?!?

Yep, your eyes don't deceive you. I am back to this dusty ole blog of mine.  You must be thinking "her life must have gotten really interesting"  OR "she's pregnant again and wants to document" OR "she's been hacked".

Nope, none of those things. I just felt like I wanted a place to share my thoughts again. Whether that be how everyone thought I was crazy loving The Biebs all those years ago and now "he's so amazing".   Or how my toddler really messes up my love for day drinking.  Or how much I love to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube while drinking wine at night (keep in mind I SUCK at putting on my own make up so clearly I'm not retaining any information. Damn you wine!).

So if you are still out there, I hope you will pop back in.  If you are not then this is just a modern way of talking to myself.

Gossip Girl

July 9, 2015

Charlie | 6 Months

Height: 28" long, 95+%
Weight: 18.5 pounds

Clothes:  Charlie is wearing some 6 month tops but mostly everything else is 9 months, and even some 9-12 month items! I can't keep up with her closet. 

Nicknames: Pudds. Char Char. 

Milestones: Charlie recognizes her name! it's so fun to talk and call to her and have her acknowledge us.  She also is a rolling machine! She will roll, roll, roll into everything so need to watch her now.  
Charlie is much more vocal this month. She likes to make bubbles, screech and babble. She really likes when you say "Mama" "Dadda" and "Baba" to her.  
Charlie has really started focusing on things and concentrating. When she is strapped into her rock n play or chair, she grabs at the straps and tries to escape. And one day, she will!
Charlie is trying to crawl. She has mastered getting her butt up in the air and scooting but not moving anywhere. She gets very frustrated when this happens. 

Sleep: Charlie is still asleep between 6:15pm-7pm every night.   She will wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and try and crawl, and when she fails she will get fussy.  It's never enough that we have to go and get her but she will keep herself (and us) awake for sometimes an hour as she talks and tries to be mobile.  Baby is ready to go! We are then up for the day anytime between 5:30-6:45am. 

Best Moment:  Taking Charlie on her first vacation with my family to the Outer Banks.  Aunt Sarah and Cousin Liz just kept calling her the "fake baby" because she was so good. She was going through a growth spurt we believe so she napped like a champion and ate like one too.  All other times she was happy as a clam.   
Celebrated Daddy's first Father's Day!! We had brunch with Pip and Jack at our house and then took Charlie to her first (and Daddy's) Charlotte Knights baseball game.  It was hotter than hell and Charlie was fussy being in the ERGO baby carrier but we made it about 1.5 hours.  

Worst Moment: While Charlie did not have any real bad moments, it has been really hard for me to start to pack up her clothes as she breezes through each size.  Seems silly but I hate seeing her grow up so fast. My little baby is a growing infant and it makes me want to slow down time. 

Likes:  chatting, being sung the Victory Song (We are members of the All American league, we come from cities near and far... From League of Their Own), sucking on hands, sucking on feet, rolling over, the pool!

Dislikes: being hungry, teething, not being able to move and crawl

Health: Charlie is still super healthy.  Nothing to report this month. 

Eating: Charlie started eating fruits and veggies this month.  She was introduced to sweet potatoes, pears, apples, peaches, peas, and butternut squash.  She loves food so much that it's hard to give her bottles anymore because all she wants is food. Her favorite seems to be oatmeal, formula and peaches stirred in. YUM!  

I have said it before and I'll say it again, this month has been the best. Her personality is shining through and she is just the sweetest thing.  She is a really good and happy baby. She is determined like her daddy and snuggly like her Mommy. She is our favorite thing in the whole world.  And it is safe to say that both Mom and Dad are ready for another baby!

1st Father's Day- Charlotte Knights baseball game

Charlie | 5 Months

Height: no official height but girl is tall

Weight: no official but she can eat

Clothes:  Charlie is wearing all 6 month clothes and wears 6-9 month pi's. Miss thing is super long!

Nicknames: Pudds. Forever and Ever Amen

Milestones: About a week after I wrote the 4 month post, Charlie started rolling over. She can get from her back to her tummy but not the other way.  Once she gets to her belly she likes to stay there. 

Since she can roll over, she has now started rolling in the night and sleeping on her belly.  This scares the crap out of me since she can't get back off her belly but she has a very strong neck and head so I know she can move herself. 

Charlie has also started grabbing for our faces when she is lying on her back and we hover over her. It is SO stinking adorable.  She reaches up and grabs out nose, lips, hair, etc.  

Sleep: Cannot complain in this department. Charlie is going to bed between 6-7pm and wakes again around 6:30am.  There are a few nights she wakes up and just squeals to herself then goes back to sleep. My only irk with this is that during the week I barely get any time with her when I get home.  I usually play with her a little but we are heading for bath time around 6-6:15pm every night. 

Best Moment:  Charlie loves her Mommy and she makes it known. I feel a little bad for Joe but this is just  a phase. And I am loving every second. She just wants her Mommy and lights up when I walk into a room and it is just the sweetest thing. 

Worst Moment: I travelled for a job over a weekend and Charlie had a 4 hour crying meltdown while I was gone. My Mom and Joe were calling me to see what they could do and it made me feel Mom guilt like crazy not being there.  I honestly think some of it was due to the fact that I was not there. 

Likes:  Girl Talk, rolling over, sitting outside and listening to the birds, kisses, being smiled at, stroller walks, sucking on her fingers

Dislikes: being over tired, teething, 2-3pm (I know, bizarre)

Health: Charlie is still a healthy girl! Aside from teething we have not body issues at the moment (knock on wood)  

Eating: Charlie is taking 4, 6 oz bottles still during the day and then a 7oz bottle at bed.  We started giving her oatmeal at night. She really likes the taste but ends up being so tired from the day's activities that she falls asleep mid-meal.   I have stocked up on some organic produce and will start making her baby food this weekend and will slowly start introducing veggies and fruits this month! 

I say this every month but this was the best month yet! I want time to slow down because it is so hard to believe that Charlie is already 5 months old. But yet, I am so excited for the next phases in her life!

We have a week long vacation with my family at the Outer Banks at the end of June and I can't wait to take her to the beach for the first time! I have a feeling she might be drawing by the next month update!

June 25, 2015

Secret Weapon

When you were little did you ever wish you could have super powers? I always wanted to fly.  I would watch birds and think about how amazing it would be to feel so free and light.  A lot of kids would say they would want an invisibility cloak, a secret weapon that is all their own.

After I had Charlie I lost 20 of the 30 pounds I had gained pretty quickly.  Breastfeeding was my best friend in that regards.  Everyone who would come and visit me would tell me how good I looked and how I must have lost all of the baby weight already.  Talk about a confidence boost! But even through all of this I still felt awful.  My clothes were snug,  I wore a post-pregnancy girdle to hold the newly formed muffin top in as I shoved my self into my old work clothes.  What was strange was that I barely bought any maternity clothes and lived in my old leggings and some stretchy dresses and now those same dresses didn't seem so forgiving.

My friend Kate had been telling me about the amazing superfood she had been using for the past 5 years and how it was the one thing that got her body back into shape after baby. I was skeptical because I've never had to use anything to lose weight before.  My metabolism and some moderate exercise always did the trick.

But I knew that between working full time and trying to spend my free time with Charlie that I would never get the gym as much as I needed to in order to lose those last 10 pounds.  So I bit the bullet and told Kate that I was ready to make a change.  And then Kate cried.  No seriously, she cried because she had been praying for this for me for a long time and knew it would change my life....

In my first 30 days using this nutritional re-balancing program, I lost 8 toxic pounds and numerous inches.  I stopped using caffeine to get me through the day; I didn't even need it.  But best of all, I gained back a sense of me!

I am now 3 months into using these products and I can say that it has changed my life. I have energy to come home and not just want to go to bed after Charlie does.  I can feel a change mentally too. I have this positive outlook that just can't be stopped.

And the little kid in me loves having a secret weapon all of my own.

May 7, 2015

Charlie | 4 Months

Height: 26" - 90th percentile

Weight: 14lbs 15ox- 75th percentile

Clothes:  Charlie is wearing some 3-6 month onesies but mostly 6 month clothes and pi's

Nicknames: Pudds. People ask if that's a family name. And then we tell them it's short for pudding. HA!

Milestones: Charlie has started to try and roll over. She can do it with assistance but now is very determined to do it. She gets in a ball and rolls to one side. Then she makes all sorts of crazy noises as she tries to get her body to do what she wants. It's hilarious. 

She has also started grabbing onto hanging objects. She will focus very intently and reach for them with both arms.  It's like she's giving them a big hug and tries to pull them towards her. 

Homegirl is always moving! She is always squirming and trying to almost walk it seems. I don't know if she will be much of a crawler. She is so strong and can pretty much stand when you are holding her.  She is going to be dangerous once she's mobile. 

She loves to find new sounds to make with her mouth and voice. From squealing to blowing raspberries, she's doing it all.  

Sleep: The last month she has finally started to regularly sleep through the night. I am worried about the 4 month sleep regression I hear so much about but so far, so good.  The past few nights she has been up at 4:30am but all she does is try and roll over and scoot all over her crib. It's so funny to watch on the monitor. 

She is typically asleep between 6:30pm-7pm and will get up again between 6:30am-6:45am. 

Charlie has also started sucking on her fingers.  She will do this when she is hungry but then she also does it when she's super tired and when she needs to be soothed.  She will not take a pacifier (which I am happy about) and I like that she can self soothe. Plus it's just freaking adorable. 

Best Moment:  Having such a happy and smiley baby and interacting with her. She loves to "talk" to us and it gives her the biggest smiles to have people pay attention to her. Diva in the making??

Also, getting to celebrate her first holiday, Easter, was really special. We went out to lunch with my Mom and spent the day together enjoying the weather. It was perfect!

Worst Moment: Mom made the mistake of switching her formula cold turkey. Charlie got super constipated and screamed and was inconsolable. After 2 different trips to the doctor, one suggestion of a spinal tap and lots of blood work later we learned she just was constipated. I felt awful but it was nothing a little pear juice/water combo couldn't fix. 

Likes:  Interacting with people, eating, bath time, playing under mat, blowing raspberries, seeing Mom, Dad and Pip whenever they enter a room. 

Dislikes: Getting dressed, being overly tired, being hungry, being gassy

Health: Charlie had her first cold a few weeks ago. It was nothing horrible, she was just a snot machine. She was still in good spirits which we were thankful for.   

Eating: Charlie is taking 4, 6 oz bottles of formula during the day and then a 7oz bottle before bed. We got the all clear to start her on solids so we are slowly introducing oatmeal but she just doesn't care yet. 

We are loving every day more and more with Miss C.  She is such a good baby and she sure loves us a lot too. Her smiles and giggles are just the best thing in the world. This 4th month has made me realize I can't wait to have another baby. I always knew I wanted more kids but after a rough pregnancy, rough delivery, and rough first few months I thought it would take me forever to say that. But we have seen how amazing this parenting journey is and Charlie makes every day worth living and I actually hate how fast she's growing now!  Can't wait to see what month 5 brings. 

April 4, 2015

A day in the life | Working Mommy

When I was pregnant I kept seeing other blog Mommy's going back to work and wondered how their transition was and how they were doing it.  But no one ever seemed to blog about their schedule or experience.  Probably because just being a Mom makes it hard to find time to blog, let alone a working mom. I get it.  So, here I am to share my experience.

How was the transition back?
The transition for me was actually pretty easy.  Having my Mom move here to help watch her was a huge blessing.  Knowing that Charlie was going to be with her on my first official day back to work was comforting.  The night before I was headed back after I put her to bed after an unusually fussy bed time I poured myself a giant glass of wine and cried.  The next morning I got ready early in order to spend as much time with Charlie as I could before leaving.  The drive into work I blasted Britney Spears pandora station and sang all the way through rush hour.  Upon arrival to my office I was greeted with a giant poster welcoming me back and a basket full of goodies from my thoughtful co-workers.  Not a tear was shed.  Nor was one shed the following day when I dropped her off at daycare.  I have good people watching my little girl and I know she is ok.

Working Mom : A day in the life

1:00am: Nighttime feeding. Spend 30 minutes cuddling and feeding C.

6:20am: I get up and get myself ready.

7:00am: C is up and ready for her day to begin.

7:00am-7:50am: Feed, change, play with C

7:50am: Drop baby off at daycare (Mon, Tues, Weds)
8:10am: Kiss baby goodbye and leave with Grandma (Thurs, Fri)

8:10-8:35am: Commute into Uptown. Talk with Sister or Dad or sing along with pandora

8:40am-4:50pm: Be the best manager I can be

4:50pm-5:35pm: Commute home. Talk to friends or sing along with pandora

5:36pm: Grab that baby and give tons of smooches

5:45pm-6:15pm: Take baby on walk around neighborhood

6:15pm-7:00pm: Give baby bath, bottle and bedtime story

7:00pm-8:30pm: Make dinner and catch up with Joe once he gets home

8:30pm: Shower

9:30pm: Jump into bed and cuddle with doggies and hubby

So there you have it.  Of course the times can change because C is not working by a clock but you get the gist.  I would love to stay home with our girl all the time but that's not in the cards for us at this time.  And I really am ok with that.  I am happy that my Mom will get to build a relationship with her and I like that she will get to socialize with other kids and learn to adapt to other environments.

And until the day I can stay home with her I will appreciate every damn second I get!