August 23, 2014

20 Weeks… HALF WAY THERE!!

Size:  A banana! How cute!

Weight gain:  I have gained 13 pounds so far. Gulp! I am having a hard time with this because 6 of that was gained just in the last month. But my doctor was not concerned and baby is healthy so that's all that matters. 

Maternity clothes:   The only maternity clothes I wear are jeans. Other than that, I am taking advantage of some larger pieces my sister gave me and I have bought in the past to get me by.  Soon I will need to get a few maternity work pants once maxi season will no longer be appropriate.

Stretch marks:  None yet. Using my oil every day.

Sleep:  Sleep kind of sucks. Because I have to sleep on my side I find my legs and knees ache all through the night and it wakes me up. Is this normal?

Gender:  GIRL!!! Charlotte Jane.  Now that we know things have gotten real. I love being able to talk about her with a name. I love finally visualizing my future and her nursery and everything else.

Movement:  Finally, we have movement! It started right about 18.5 weeks and hasn’t stopped. I can feel her best while I am laying down or when I am sitting at my desk at work. I love it so much and cannot wait until Joe can feel her too.

Best moment this week:  One night last week we spent cleaning out the nursery and then sitting on the floor with the dogs and just talked about what the room will look like and what life will be like once Charlie is here.  A mini fridge was definitely talked about :)

Looking forward to: Our upcoming trip to Hilton Head. I can’t wait to get a full week with my family at the beach.

Food Cravings: Thankfully starting to want salads and veggies.  No real cravings, except I always am in the mood for Mexican.  Fruit.  White cheddar popcorn.

Food Aversions:  Grilled vegetables

Labor Signs:  Nada

What I miss:  Still nothing.  I even bought a new bikini for our vacation to fit my newly “popped” figure and I really love the way I look in it.  Who knew pregnant bikini shopping would be way more enjoyable than normal!

Symptoms:. Came down with a cold this week.  Sore throat and runny nose not fun. But nothing really pregnancy related, which is nice now that I can feel Charlie moving around and know things are ok in there.

Nursery:  Slowly coming along. Moved everything out of the closet and have started organizing and getting everything moved out.  Have a weekend set for my Mom to come into town to help paint and get it baby girl ready.

Mood:   Happy Go Lucky. Life is so good these days and aside from getting over myself with this weight gain I am loving this second trimester. 

August 13, 2014

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

If you haven't seen it on social media, or couldn't tell from the title of this post then let me spell it out for you..


What about that gender reveal photo shoot you say?  Ooops, is my answer.  Joe and I planned this super fun gender reveal with my sister months ago.  We bought super soakers and pink/blue paint and were going to have this amazing full on paint fight on the beach.  Pretty awesome right? The only problem was that our appointment was 8/12 and we weren't going to be able to do the shoot until 8/24.

When we found out we were having twins I convinced Joe to do a gender reveal. If we were only going to be pregnant once then I wanted the reveal to be special.  As time went on after we lost Baby B, I didn't really care about doing a big reveal but Joe seemed so into it and my sister so I wanted to wait. Fast forward to the day of our ultrasound.  The tech asked if we wanted to find out and I said "no" and Joe said "yes".  HUH?  He admitted to only wanting to do the reveal for me. He did not want to wait.  I didn't want to wait either but I also didn't want to find out in that room with a stranger.  So while we chatted away she started doing her work on my tummy and said "if you don't want to know then keep looking away".  I saw Joe's eyes dart to the screen.  I knew I couldn't really tell what we were seeing without being prompted so I let my eyes wander too and that's when it happened.

The tech wasn't just hovering over the goods.. She had already started typing "G".  We both looked at each other quickly and Joe asked "Are you saying it's a girl?".  "Congratulations, yes it's a girl".   I just started laughing and smiling while poor Joe asked her to check again. Haha.  So while not the grand reveal we were envisioning, it was a great moment in my life I won't ever forget.

Thoughts on having a baby girl:

I have known this whole time I was having a girl. Aside from those two dreams where it was a boy, I really knew in my heart it was a girl.  On my dad's side of the family we have 13 girls and 2 boys (Nolan and our newest baby Andrew).  I grew up surrounded by girls so a girl feels right to me.  

But having a girl is also scary. I remember what it was like being a teenager with raging hormones and really disliking my parents at times. Now seeing my little sisters in their teens, it's a whole different ball game.  You don't only have to worry about boys but now social media, clothes, everything is so much more intense.

I look forward to the tea parties, the dolls, dress up, shopping and all things girls.  And I know without a shadow of a doubt that Joe is going to be head over heels in love with our little girl. I see his sweet relationship with our niece Emily and how close he is to her. I watch him text and banter with my sisters and hear him so protective of them.   He is a tough ass on the outside but a big ole softie at heart and I know our little girl is going to be so lucky to have him as a daddy.

It feels so good finally knowing and now we can begin envisioning our future.  We have talked baby names for years and have had our girl's name set forever.  I have always loved boys names for girls. Some of my favorites are Kyle and Ryann.  Joe did not like these one bit.  Joe has been big on our names having meaning, being sentimental.  And then we found the perfect one...

Charlotte "Charlie" Jane Hawley

Charlotte is timeless; while Charlie allows me to have my boy name.  Charlotte is also the place where Joe and I became a family and that means so much to us. If we ever were to move, we will always have a piece of Charlotte with us.  Jane is my mother's middle name and it was important to us to include a part of her when selecting our name.

Life has never been sweeter.  Now it's time to start planning the nursery and getting things ready for Charlie's arrival in a few short months!

August 3, 2014

Loving Lately

So we didn't make it Charleston this past weekend, boo :(   The weather was calling for rain the entire time and since we live so close we decided to postpone until this coming weekend in order to maximize our trip.  We spent this past weekend doing more house work, grocery shopping, dinner at a friend's, etc.  Having fun productive weekends make the miserable weather a little more tolerable. But now I am ready to get my butt to the beach!

Today I wanted to share some of the things I am loving lately.  

* Water can get boring and in the summer time I always love having a cocktail.  These days my favorite drink is a La Croix Grapefruit with a splash of pink grapefruit juice. Squeeze a little lime and serve in a rocks glass and I dare so I would almost think there was vodka in it.

Thirst Quencher

* While at dinner at our friends' house on Saturday they gifted us the sweetest, softest blanket.  I can't wait to have Baby H snuggle with this sweet gift.

* I have always been a huge egg salad fan. I am sure to some that is just plain digesting. Since becoming pregnant I have loved them even more.  But none compare to the sandwiches at Half Penny's.  If you work uptown and like egg salad then you MUST go and get one. You won't be disappointed. Oh and here's a little secret- they are the Friday special.

* I have been reading a lot of books lately. I have read a few really good ones that deserve being shared with you. 

Really engaging story that twists multiple characters together. 

Story about 4 teenagers with a shocking twist at the end that I never saw coming. Soo good!

Read this series really fast. Each book left me wanting more. 

True story.  Super long book that takes a few chapters to really get going but it is riveting. You follow Louis Zamperini as he heads to the Olympics and meets Hitler, fights in WW II, became lost at sea and fought off sharks and Japanese bombers and then became a Japanese POW.  Angelina Jolie is directing the movie version and I cannot wait to see it! 

* Lastly, my carb cravings have not slowed down in the 2nd trimester.  The past few weekends I have been wanting to make pancakes, which I never ever do.  I picked up the following mix which is organic, made of Ancient Grains and whole wheat flour and makes the fluffiest pancakes ever. 

As I finish typing this post on Sunday evening I am rushing to the couch to watch the first pre-season NFL football game.  Don't want Summer to be over but LOVING that football is back!!! 

July 31, 2014

Well Spent Weekend

Haven't done a weekend post in awhile.  With so much going on these days our weekends typically fly by and I haven't a picture to show for it.  But this weekend I did my best to document what was going on.

Here are some of the highlights:

*Joe didn't have to work on Saturday.  This deserves to be top of the list! Normal weekends are super low key on Friday since Joe works late. Saturdays would then be me running any necessary errands or doing cleaning while he worked. So to have him all to myself all weekend was really nice. 

*Checked buying some house essentials off our list.  Joe and I spent Saturday and Sunday running errands getting random things we have been needing to get.  TJ Maxx, Michaels, Bed Bath & Beyond, Oh My!  No baby stuff yet. Once we find out the gender it will be game on!

Joe picking out a model plane to build after I shot him down too many times in the toy aisle. I kept reminding him that he will have a tiny play mate here shortly :)

*Met up with friends at a local place in our hood.  It's an old house converted into a craft beer and wine shop.  Lots of tables, games, music and good booze. Joe called ahead to see if they had anything non-alcoholic for me. They have 2 different varieties and put them on ice till we got there. 

*The St. Pauli girl was actually really good! Even Joe tried it and gave it the thumbs up.  I will be picking up a 6 pack of these for our week long vacation for sure.  

*After more shopping on Sunday at the Farmer's Market and other places we went home to grill out for dinner.

*Don't those grilled veggies look divine?? Welp, this preggo had to FORCE them down her throat. WTF.  I think this has been the hardest thing about pregnancy for me.  Normally such a veggie lover and now I can barely tolerate them. 

*On our shopping trip we went out on a limb and bought a doggy bed. We had one a few years ago and Lil ended up just peeing on it and then we had to throw it out. It was like a big ole "F - U Mom". But we are happy to report that this new bed has not a drop of pee and both dogs are loving spending time in it. 

Joe and I made last minute plans to go to Charleston this weekend for a quick getaway. The forecast shows rain almost all weekend so hoping that will change!

July 23, 2014

16 weeks

Size:  An avocado, or a grenade. Your choice. My friend Heather always texts me asking me what fruit I am that week. Ha! So weird to compare a baby to a piece of fruit. But, since I love fruit so much these days I will take it. 

Speaking of Heather- quick shout out to the girl who was due end of August but texted us all at 1:45am on Monday letting us know her water broke.  Just a few hours later baby Graham was born.  Dear Baby H, please be like your friend Graham and come earlier rather than later. Thanks.

Weight gain:  After my appointment this AM I am looking at roughly a 6 pound weight gain so far. Not knowing where I started this could be really higher or lower than what it is.

Maternity clothes:   I definitely broke out one of the new pairs of jeans I got this week. Also, have officially popped and even had coworkers make comments this week. No holding it in anymore.

Stretch marks:  I noticed some of the boobs but Joe said those have always been there. He is probably the expert so going to go with “none”. Using my oil every day.

Sleep:  Sleep is still ok. I haven’t broken down and bought into the preggo pillow yet but have added a pillow between my legs and it makes such a difference. Still find myself on my back all the time which is weird because I never used to sleep on it. 

Gender:  Still a few weeks away from finding out. I have been on the girl train from the beginning but had my first dream where my baby was here and it was a beautiful boy! Not sure if that means anything or not but was so fun to see “him”. 

Movement:  None yet. Come on baby, let me know you are there!

Best moment this week:  Finally popping. I am loving my new bump accessory!  

Looking forward to: our 18 week appointment. This is being done at the maternal fetal specialists office so we will get a very in depth ultra sound. It will have been 6 weeks since my last one so am anxious to see how big baby is now.

Food Cravings: Still anything carby. If someone mentions a food to me I pretty much eat it at some point in that same week.  Glad I DVR everything so I don’t see any commercials enticing me! And lots of fruit.  Of course then all the fruits I am eating have been recalled, cue panic mode. 

Food Aversions:  Still not really into vegetables. I have eaten more than the first trimester but they don’t ever really sound appetizing.

Labor Signs:  Nada

What I miss:  Nothing, honestly. I don’t even miss booze, which I really thought I would. We had family in town and went to a local lake bar and I was quite content with my ice water.  Now I am sure in football season this will change.

Symptoms:. Nausea came back at 15 weeks. Not cool baby, not cool. Headaches started recently and a stuffy nose.  Overall not feeling great-bummer.

Nursery:  uh yeah, no progress.

Mood:  Still pretty darn happy. Although I do have to admit- having some of the symptoms go away at 14 weeks really had me nervous. Also, having 1 appointment a month has been torture. I need reassurance that everything is going ok so the fact that I have more symptoms now is A-ok with me.

July 17, 2014

July 13, 2014

4th Fun

Joe and I packed up the car and the pups and headed back to Cleveland for the 4th.  It is my favorite holiday so I was super excited to spend it with our family.  We woke up bright and early (3:15am to be exact) on 7/4 and made the 7.5 hour journey home.   While getting up that early sucks major you know what, having the whole day at home makes it worth it.

Joe dropped me off at my sister's so I could see her and the kids and spend the afternoon with my brother in law's family.  Since the 4th is my favorite holiday I love to dress in red, white and blue and I was so excited to see Nolan and Hollyn in their finest patriotic gear too.

How stinking cute are they? Only took about 15 tries to get everyone looking and smiling. 

Miss Hollyn was such a happy baby and Nolan spent the day with me blowing bubbles and looking for squirrels.  Later that day my sister took me to the most amazing thrift store that was having a 1/2 off everything on the 4th sale.  She showed me the ropes and we found some great finds.

Old Navy & Gap maternity jeans, Liz Lange maternity top and additional non-maternity tanks that I can wear through my pregnancy.

Less than $10 for these great fitting maternity pants AND they were 1/2 off! Score!!

I ended up getting everything for a total of $18.00.  Now some of you may not be into wearing thrifted clothes but I am a huge fan. I mean, why spend 100's of dollars on clothes you will only wear for such a short portion of your life?  And some of this stuff had it's original tags! Ok, off my soap box. 

After the thrift I spent the evening at my in-law's.  Joe bought a ton of fireworks and we watched him blow them off and ate lots of yummy food.  I was so pooped from being up since 3:15am that this preggo got in the car and drove to my parents house at 8pm. I spent a couple of hours chatting with my family and then put myself to bed. Never actually saw fireworks.  Amazing how my priorities are already changing and I don't even have the kid yet!

The next day I hung at my parents house and then went back to Joe's parents to see my nieces and nephew who were over. 

Joe introduced the kids to sparklers and had water gun fights with them. They love their Uncle Joey so much and I am so happy that my child will have such a hands on and fun Dad. 

Sunday was spent with more family time at my house.  My dad, step-mom and I took the dogs on an afternoon walk around town.  My little town is so charming and the view ain't too shabby either. 

Joe came over for dinner that night. We grilled out and sat for hours on the patio. The weather was in the low 70's and felt amazing. That is the reason people love living in Ohio.  Although, it is the same reason people love living in the Carolinas as we get that weather in March and October too. 

On Monday before we left town I went back to my sister's to see the kids for another few hours. I can't get enough time with them! Thankfully our family beach trip is a little over a month away and I will get a full week of play time. 

Hope your 4th was just as enjoyable!